Workflow Management

Our workflows are centred on consistency in communication, our consultative process, adding value and being accountable. How do we translate this into a reality?

From your first enquiry, you will notice something distinctive about Matchking: We work for you!

As a client, this will translate into dedication and expertise:

  • From documenting your needs to managing the offer process and salary negotiation.
  • Candidates you meet will be clear on who you are, your organisation’s goals, and the role’s requirements, including the obvious and the less obvious.
  • The interview format and candidates will be prepped to a professional standard.
  • The interviewing process will include a standard feedback structure to ensure an objective decision.

As a candidate, you will know that you are in good hands:

  • Your CV will have been forwarded as you wrote it.
  • We will have provided you with all the information you need to get a real feel of the role and company.
  • There will be nothing you don’t know about the process by the time you attend the interview.
  • Our team are success-driven and will use their expertise to help you secure your next role.

Supporting technology:

A customised CRM system, which is centric to our 6 pillar methodology, provides a predictable, integrated, and secure set of processes that add value beyond simple compliance with UK data protection and agency legislation requirements.

  • High-quality, agile repository for all our process management workflow records.
  • Instant access to operational information, CVs and other documentation 24/7.
  • As it is based on our 6 pillar methodology, it is unmatched by comparable firms.
  • Focused: Just marketing professionals and a key resource to accelerate significantly our first-step searches.
  • Streamlined operational and compliance responsibility.
  • Consequently, our documentation is clear, to the point and transparent.

Our innovative thinking and hands-on approach to effectively managing every single aspect end to end have become the cornerstone of everything we stand for.

See our clients’ testimonials and their experience of our process.

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