Matchking specialises in recruiting marketing professionals for the Information Technology, Telco and High-Tech markets.

Our key markets are fast-moving, fast-evolving and are often influenced by trends with “fashion-like” characteristics; this makes cross-pollination of talent, transferable skills, and innovative best practices your most significant opportunity.

Unlike more traditional recruiters, Matchking has been positively exploiting those industry synergies and, with access to a much larger pool of candidates, has delivered the right talent – fast – for over ten years.

Matchking’s strength lies in our active network of marketing professionals; our team works hard to ensure you benefit from this unique approach. Our goal is simple, our resolve uncompromising, and how we do business is natural: we believe in a people-to-people approach and work to establish long-term relationships where clients become candidates and candidates become clients.

Looking after the business’s reputation

Our methodology, processes, official candidate networks, and nurturing programs have been developed to ensure your experience is bespoke, specialised, and successful.